Jill Bodie

My name is Jill. I am a coach and a facilitator. I work with youth and adults to help them maximize their potential.

Jill Bodie

Jill Bodie B.Ed., M.S.W.

Coach, Executive Function and 2e
Facilitator, Personal Growth

Working Together


As an academic coach I work with bright students who are struggling with their performance. They are forgetful. They are disorganized. They avoid homework, and planning. They lack motivation and focus. They are easily overwhelmed. I give them tools that work, and support to help them get through school so that they are better prepared for life beyond it.

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As a facilitator I work with adults to help them get out of their own way. This is deep work which allows them to identify behaviours which are affecting their parenting, affecting their relationships, and affecting their performance.

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Los Angeles

Phone: (310) 359-3230